ENCORE is Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce Initiative started in September 2020 to strategically assisted Black Businesses and Black Entrepreneurs re-open, re-establish or re-cover from business and revenue loss due to the economic effects of COVID-19.


There are two primary goals of ENCORE. The first goal is that enrolled and participating Black Businesses and Black Entrepreneurs increase their annual revenue by at least 12%. The second goal is that same businesses are better at their ‘core’ with marked stability and sustainable practices in place.

ENCORE: Covid Recovery Initiative

  1. Business Owners

    1. Are you a black-owned business?
    2. Did your business close due to COVID-19?
    3. Are you ready to re-open with professional assistance?
  1. Resource Provider

    1. Are you a black owned Resource Provider?
    2. Does your business assist entrepreneurs?
    3. Are you ready to take on new clients that have closed due to COVID-19?